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The Math course series are designed to teach students the fundamentals within the 5 major areas of mathematics: Algebra, Geometry, Combinatorics, Probability and Number Theory. We decompose those subject areas into interconnected modules and adjust difficulty level to best suit the students’ abilities. In addition, the course puts a heavy emphasis on problem solving techniques which we believe is essential even beyond the realm of mathematics. We talk about the three levels of problem solving: strategies, tactics and tools and motivate students to be perseverance and creative when facing challenging problems.


The science course series are designed to teach students the fundamentals of various science subjects including Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The courses focus both on theory and practical calculations as well as laboratory explorations that uncover the scientific inquiry process that will help students solve future problems in their academic life. Another unique aspect of our science course is we try to bring the real-world application into basic concept learning: how these principles help shape the world today and how you can further contribute to the particular area of interest.

Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence Course Series introduces students to the rapidly advancing world of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). From foundational learning models, computer vision, and natural language, students will learn the fundamental theories and mathematics behind cutting edge algorithms and applications that drive AI today and in the future. Our future AI engineers will learn practical lessons and best practices for building machine learning and AI solutions and complete self-directed AI projects either in a year-long school curriculum setting or a 2-week intensive camp.


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About Ultrabright

Ultrabright is dedicated to transforming the stale K-12 STEM education so that all students can acquire, apply and appreciate all different disciplines. Our philosophy of education is a lifelong journey of developing four essential skills that we think is going to be crucial for the generations to come:

  • Problem solving

    Effective learning starts with a problem and the curiosity to solve this problem. The ability to quantify intuitions and observations and apply tools to solving real-life problems is essential across all fields. Therefore, we want to teach problem solving skills while using math and science related subjects as vehicles; in particular, we want to use recent, real-life examples from different fields, mesh traditional techniques with modern tools, and supervise students doing hands-on projects. We hope the students will continue applying these skills to problems outside of the areas we teach throughout their lives.

  • Logical thinking and reasoning

    Logical thinking is the cornerstone of any science subject. It teaches students that knowledge is fluid and builds on itself. It also helps students get more engaged in their own learning processes. We encourage students to understand and make connections between different concepts to develop logical reasoning.

  • Critical thinking

    Just as problem solving skills and reasoning, critical thinking is another skill that will benefit our students well beyond these subjects. It promotes creativity, enhances language and presentation skills and is crucial for self-reflection. We use authentic inquiry, project based learning and integrated studies to develop our students’ critical and independent thinking skills.

  • Curiosity and appreciation of the beauty of learning itself

    Math and science are beautiful and self-discovery is a joy that every student should get to experience. While there is no practical application of a Monet or a Mozart, no one would detract from the worth of these masterpieces. In the same way, STEM subjects can also be viewed as an art form, a body of majestic work worthy of admiration and enlightenment. We want our students to see them not only as a means to an end but also as an end in itself, to develop long lasting interests and curiosity for any subjects that suit their own interests.

  • Every

Our Team

The Ultrabright team is a group of graduates from top US Ph.D. programs and young professionals with diverse working and education experiences. All of us have years of working experiences in different professions. More importantly, we are dedicated to creating content and learning sciences for young kids so that each one of them can enjoy his or her own learning journey and avoid some pitfalls that we have experienced ourselves.

Kevin Huang

AI Subject Lead

Ph.D in electrical engineering from Stanford. ML and AI engineer at Notable

Rahul Mazumder

AI Subject Expert

Associate Professor in the Operations Research and Statistics group at MIT Sloan School of Management

Luo Lu

AI Subject Expert

Ph.D in Statistics from Stanford. Data scientist and manager at Twitter, Netflix and Tinder.

Jason Wu

Math Subject Lead

Ph.D in Finance from Stern school of NYU.

Xin Lu

Math Subject Expert

Ph.D in operations research from MIT. Principal research scientist at Amazon. CMO Gold Medalist.

Lingren Zhang

Math Subject Expert

Ph.D in management science and engineering from Stanford. Tech lead at Google. CMO silver medalist.

Zhen Zhu

Science Subject Lead

Ph.D candidate at Statistics department at Stanford. Senior scientist at Sirius XM/Pandora.

Hossein Vahabi

Science Subject Expert

Lecturer at UC Berkeley. Research associate to National Research of Italy

Desheng Kong

Science Subject Expert

Ph.D in material science from Stanford. Professor at Nanjing Univerisity

We also work with instructional designers, ed tech specialists and multimedia artists to co-create the course content.

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